Education Department
University of Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 AVEIRO

Phone: +351 234 370 353/234 370 352
fax: +351 234 370 640/234 370 219
e-mail: de-sec@ua.pt

web-page: http://www.ua.pt/de/

GPS: N 40º 37`53,53” , W 8º 39` 29,2”

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City of Aveiro

Aveiro is located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and is surrounded by salt-flats and beaches to the west, and by mountains and fertile valleys to the east. Allavarium (Aveiro’s Roman name) was known for its salt flats in the 10th century and its geographical location turned it into an industrial city with an important seaport and with a strong connection to water, especially to its “Ria”.


The “Ria” runs through the city creating a balanced aquatic and urban environment. In the city center houses and boats are reflected in the water and the “art nouveau” buildings lend a “belle époque” touch to its atmosphere.

Aveiro - Costa Nova

You can enjoy a trip through the canals on a “moliceiro”, a traditional boat painted with bright colours and with humorous decorations and sayings. Examples of art nouveau can be visited in the city centre. Aveiro is not a big city, so you will have time to get acquainted with local attractions, as well as with its typical food, wines and sweets.


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